Microcosmos is happy to present “Back to Samsara”, the chillout album by A-Kara.

Enlightened beings can return back to samsara to help others explore the meaning of life. Some of them think it’s better to speak with music.

“Back to Samsara” is a collection of unreleased chillout gems, produced by Vitaly Bochkov in past ten years and carefully selected by DJ V++.

This fine release includes 9 deep and relaxed themes from ambient to downtempo. A-Kara’s emotional music is filled with soft sounds and smooth melodies. Warm beats with gentle percussions over layered surroundings – a perfect combination for an hour in tranquility and joy.

Every tune here is a soundtrack for sacred moments of your life: ceremonies and initiations, sentimental feelings or inspirational retreats.

Listen and experience the mystical beauty of A-Kara sounds!