Microcosmos Records seeds a new series of inspiring compilations. First volume filled with floating melodies, spiced with gentle pulsations and breathtaking peaks. Tranquillity lifts your consciousness to a new level with ease and delicacy, followed by uplifting mood and rise of emotions. Ride this journey to your innerself and you will see the path!

  1. Synthetic Sunrise – Beautiful Moments
    w&p by Anton Zaycev & Alexander Bliznets (Russia)
  2. Dimmat – Tsixlionta
    w&p by Dimitrios Matzouranis (Greece)
  3. Side Liner – Wish I Was A Kid Again
    w&p by Nick Miamis (Greece)
  4. Cosmic Replicant – The Fire From Within
    w&p by Pavel Shirshin (Russia)
  5. Gaiana – Liquid Safari
    w&p by Adomas Juozapavicius and Robin Graat (Lithuania)
  6. Tarac – Wider Horizons
    w&p by Gabriel Strecker (Germany)
  7. Slow Reflections – Unfolding Flower
    w&p by Igor Kititsky (Russia)
  8. By The Rain & Suduaya – Sagesse
    w&p by Burak Ozsoy (Malaysia) and Louis-David Roquefere (France)
  9. Astronaut Ape – Floating in the Sky
    w&p by Oleg Belousov (Russia)

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