Alexander Ivanov is a talented musician from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
His music imaginations is infinite ambient landscapes seasoned by most complicated IDM and downtempo-rhythms. Intelligent soft sound-moods, beautiful backgrounds and warm atmosphere included in each track.

Alexander Daf – Gate (Random Records)
Alexander Daf – So Long (Electronic Soundscapes)
Alexander Daf – One Point One (Aleph Zero)
Alexander Daf – Departure (Unreleased)
Pan Electric and Alexander Daf – So Long As There is Faith (Tempest Recordings)
Pan Electric and Alexander Daf – Birthright (Tempest Recordings)
Alexander Daf – Dissolving Clouds (Microcosmos Rec.)
Dapple Apple – Terrace in Chartres (Alexander Daf Remix) (Apollo records)
Alexander Daf – Moving Mountain (Parquet Recordings)
Alexander Daf – Discipline (Ketama Records)
Alexander Daf – Wightless (Unreleased)
Alexander Daf – Wings (Microcosmos Rec.)

Photo: Irina Dorosh