Airform — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 031

Airform — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 031

Airform is a music project of Anton Stepanov, electronic music producer.

The development of russian undeground and appearance of public events at the end of nineties became a reason of recording compilations of various genres and directions. Time passed, the idea of producing electronic music expanded. That initiated the beginning of the creation of the first own compositions in the genre of techno sound in 2004.The musician started to go deeply into trance sub-styles more and more, search his own sound, make experiments crossing Techno and Trance. These two streams gave the beginning to the new creative way. He began to study basis of producing modern sound of high quality. In 2007 works posted for free downloading recieved a lot of positive feedback from listeners and musicians. After long treatment the sound slowly fransformed into psy format with atmosphericbackground canonicity and melodic sound, making a certain tint of Ambient genre

01. Unreleased
02. Airform – Onsen
03. Airform – Metalogic
04. Airform – Black Canyon (Original Mix)
05. Airform – Mania Delusion
06. Airform – Optical Illusions
07. Airform – Flourishing Zone (In Mix)
08. Unreleased
09. Unreleased
10. Airform – Formless Life
11. Airform – Void

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Cover by Dmitriy Tarasov


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