Amritone — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 054

Amritone — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 054

Amritone is the new project of Alexander Zhikharev for own music in styles such as chillout & psychill, psybass, dark & hypno techno, deep prog house, experimental and psyprog breakbeat. For more than 20 years of making electronic music under the different names (Parallax Breakz, Para-Dise, Tandavibe, Infuzoria) he released several albums and hundreds of tracks on different labels around the world. His sets is a mixture of own electronic music and live play on ethnic drums (bongos, djembe etc).


01. Amritone – Fly With Me (feat. Nadi Loova)
02. Amritone – Tasteless Reality
03. Amritone – Playing Yourself
04. Amritone – Drops
05. Amritone – Sansara
06. Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Karpur Gauram (Parallax Breakz remix)
07. Amritone – Catharsis
08. Amritone – Dark Side of Retreat
09. Amritone & Nadi Loova – Desire Moi (feat. Ds’Air)
10. Amritone – Full Moon
11. Parallax Breakz – Orion’s Belt
12. Amritone – Prison of Time
13. Kislorod – Shoot in Love (Amritone remix)

Mastered by Manifold Studio

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