Tonal Fantazy — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 057

Tonal Fantazy — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 057

DJ Tonal Fantazy was the first who started to play goa trance on vinyl records in Moscow in the early 90-s. He performed in Timur Mamedov (XP Voodoo)’s team in the Aerodance legendary club and was among those who were at the origins of trance-movement in Moscow. From 2001 Tonal traveled around India deriving spiritual and ethno-musical inspiration.

From 2002 he released his author compilations at USSR Records. From the opening of the first vegetarian restaurant Jagannath and for the following 10 year Tonal performed there as a resident-dj with chillout-programmes. Later many of them were included into rotation of as weekly programmes «Jagannath Friday Evening».

Recent years Tonal has preferred the magical rhythm of trip-trance for sensitive listeners with exquisite taste. He takes part in many Russian events of electronic music and performs as a resident of the creative association — Harmonium Chill Station.


01. Dynamic Illusion – Beyond Infinity
02. Menkalian – Requiem For Mother Terra
03. StereOMantra – Mantra Raja
04. Cabeiri – Ramlila
05. Mobitex – Human
06. Akshan – World Of Trouble
07. Mobitex – Reform
08. Saranankara – Awakening

Mastered by Manifold Studio

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