Toxica — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 038

Toxica — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 038

Toxica is the DJ who plays psychedelic and club music since 2013. She is also the founder of Russian promo-group called Padma Promotion that organizes psychedelic events with acts from homeland and from abroad since 2010-11 and the resident of Microcosmos Records.

Olya was born in Russia and felt in love with music right in her childhood when she started to play piano and sing. She was the participant of different parties and festivals such as Solar Systo (St. Petersburg, Russia), Trimurti festival (Moscow, Russia), Abstraction festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), Yogart (St. Petersburg, Russia), Krugozor (Vologda, Russia), Transylvania Calling (Transylvania, Romania), Wonderland Experience (St. Petersburg, Russia). The main styles of music that she plays are progressive and goa trance, progressive and tech house and psychedelic chillout, downtempo and chillgressive.

01. Land Switcher – Out Session
02. Somatoast – Schizophrenic Mystic
03. Symbolico – Quantum Praying
04. Androcell – Trodding Valleys
05. Quanta – Eminations
06. Globular – Infinity Inside
07. Akasha Experience – Soul Circus (Landswitcher Remix)
08. Globular – PLANCK!
09. Akasha – Liquid Grip
10. Master Minded – Magic Touch
11. Spoonbill – Big Dipper
12. Mumukshu – Contact Code

Podcast mastering – Manifold Studio

Cover Photo – chrstphre ㋛ campbell


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