Yaleeni — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 042

Yaleeni — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 042

Yaleeni, DJane from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, playing emotional psytrance, energetic goa, shamanic dark-forest psy, atmospheric psychill and downtempo music since 2004.

She is usually performing on many big festivals across the Russia – Trimurti, Forest Quest, BK, Insomnia, Solar Systo, Abstraction – Yaleeni played at all of them.

DJ mixes of Yaleeni are able to draw you like a vortex, giving rise to a series of visions and images inside your imagination.

01. Liquid Bloom – Healing Fire Breath
02. Entheogenic – Oak Seers
03. Sundial Aeon – Synchronicity (ManMadeMan Remix)
04. Ra – Shift
05. Merlin feat. Moan – In Your Eyes
06. StereOMantra & Spinney Lainey – Perceptions
07. Crystal Vibe – Change is the Only Constant
08. State Azure – Hex (Twin Shape Remix)
09. Dreaming Cooper – Cold Planet
10. Elea & Bahramji – Dancing Blossoms (Sidereal Remix)

Podcast mastering – Manifold Studio

Cover Photo – Margo Yaleeni


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