Aksemetrix — I Want To Believe

Aksemetrix — I Want To Believe
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Microcosmos Records presents album I Want To Believe from Aksemetrix.

Russian musician Yuri Aksenov has been working for a long time within the Aksemetrix project. DJ experience helped the artist to explore psytrance music and develop his own, authentic style later. You recognize it by the extraordinary variety of live instruments and sounds of nature — the key to inspiration lies here.

I Want To Believe is an attempt to turn the listener’s gaze to the true human nature, to make a journey to the depths of one’s consciousness. Sounds immerse you in a state of flow, peak concentration, exposing all the listener’s thoughts and feelings. Aksemetrix managed to achieve a magical sound with the help of instruments and field recordings: noise of the forests and grass, wind instruments and percussion rhythms appeal to the root of human nature.

Discover the magic of natural vibrations, thanks to I Want To Believe album from Aksemetrix!


Written & Produced by Yuri Aksemetrix



Cover artwork:

Andrey Belemenko

Cover design:

Andrey Belemenko

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