Amritone — The Finger Pointing To The Moon

Amritone — The Finger Pointing To The Moon
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Microcosmos Records presents The Finger Pointing to the Moon by Amritone.

Amritone is a project by Alexander Zhikharev, also known as Parallax Breakz. For almost two decades he has been making experimental music in techno, breakbeat, ambient, and downtempo. His music is unpredictable thus is always attractive and fascinating. It is enthralling like a book with a rapidly revolving plot.

The new album includes tracks of different music genres that are masterfully compiled into a story about the human soul going through the endless universe. The minimalism of club techno adjoins vast chillout soundscapes. Unusual broken rhythmic is tunefully adjusted to soft synth effects. The experimental mood thoroughly pervades the album.

Turn on The Finger Pointing to the Moon by Amritone and join the beautiful journey full of magic, together with Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by Alexander Zhikharev

Featured Artists:

04: Lesya Kofanova (Flute)
08: Windom R (Special Effects & Synths)


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey Michaylov

Cover design:

Manitou Studio

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