Blue Lotus — Endlessly

Blue Lotus — Endlessly
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Microcosmos Records presents Endlessly by Blue Lotus.

Blue Lotus project was created in 2014 by an electronic producer and bass guitar virtuoso Tagir BigFly Bikmuhametov. His sound experiments in mixing ethnic instruments and vocals with profound pads led to releasing his first album Where the Grass is Greener in 2016. The album was a great success among the fans of new age, dub, ethnic music. Blue Lotus project got booking for performing in chillouts of most of the largest Russian music festivals, and he consolidated his achievements by releasing the second album Lost among Lotuses (2018).

Endlessly is a vivid blend of psychedelic genres. Airy chillout pads are skillfully framed into groovy bass lines meeting incursions of progressive, dub, ethnic, and techno. Oriental melodies, African percussion, shamanic rhymes invite the listener into hypnotic dance and bring the mood of endless joy and delight.

Turn on Endlessly by Blue Lotus and enjoy the beauty of atmospheric music vibes!


All tracks were written & produced by Tagir Bigfly

Featured artists:

(01): Bass Guitar by Bigfly, Vocals by IVAN & Marianna, Guitar by Evgeny Tarasov
(03): Guitar by Evgeny Tarasov
(04): Vocals by Irina Tichenko
(06): Vocals by Irina Tichenko


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey & Ksenia Michailov

Cover design:

Manitou Studio

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