Dva Dereva — Black Spring

Dva Dereva — Black Spring
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Microcosmos Records presents the Black Spring single by Dva Dereva.

Black Spring expresses the regret that the world in which we live is imperfect to the extent that it still contains violence, injustice and restriction on the fundamental freedoms of so many human beings due to the sense of superiority of others. We want to believe that one-day humankind will reach its highest stage of development, realizing that we are all one and allowing life in our world to be built based on harmony and mutual understanding. While there is still time, we must all consider what we will leave for the next generations – scorched earth or a flowering garden. We must make this decision together before it’s too late.

The poignant vocals emphasize the exceptional importance of the song’s subject, while immersive synthesizers and soulful solos on the duduk carry the listener away, pushing them towards empathy and reflection.


Written & produced by Nadya Makarova & Artem Cherchynskyi


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Nadya Makarova & Artem Cherchynskyi

Cover design:

Nadya Makarova & Artem Cherchynskyi

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