Dva Dereva — Parallel Ways Of Enlightenment

Dva Dereva — Parallel Ways Of Enlightenment
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Parallel Ways of Enlightenment by Dva Dereva.

Dva Dereva is a Ukrainian collaboration project of Artem Cherchynskyi, a multi-instrumentalist, and Nadya Makarova, a singer. The project started in 2010 and over the years it has performed meditative and trance acoustic music with the use of a wide range of ethnic and archaic musical instruments, including didgeridoo, kalimba, duduk, Jew’s harp, frame drum, singing bowls, etc. In 2018 Dva Dereva started exploring electronic sound which led to incorporating into their music production the elements of trip-hop, drone ambient, tribal ambient.

The album Parallel Ways of Enlightenment is a story of self-exploration and unification with the Universe through music. Soulful synth drones, cosmic vocals together with hypnotic ethnic instruments will bring you into a deep meditative state.

Turn on Parallel Ways of Enlightenment by Dva Dereva and Microcosmos Records to look into the depths of the inner space, find yourself free from reality, enjoy the beauty of the movements of your soul.


All songs are written and performed by Nadya Makarova (vocals, singing bowls, percussion) and Artem Cherchynskyi (synthesizers, flutes, jew’s harp).

Recorded and mixed by Ihor Kryvoruchko.


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