Dva Dereva — Who Am I?

Dva Dereva — Who Am I?
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present a new album “Who Am I?” by Dva Dereva.

Dva Dereva is a duo from Ukraine, comprising Artem Cherchinsky (synthesizer, duduk, pimak, bansuri, strings, percussions) and Nadezhda Makarova (vocal, standing bell). Their music is a balanced blend of ethnical and electronic features and has been accorded recognition among fans of shamanic rhythms and deep meditative music.

“Who Am I?” is the third album by the duo. This time, the musicians produce a musical reflection on the natural state of human beings and its connection with the environment and the Universe, as well as the imprint we are going to leave on this world. The music dazzles with its soft drones, immersive bass, airy wind instruments, shamanic rhythms, and Nadezhda’s alluring voice. It lets you forget about the triviality of life, and guides your thoughts deeply to the origins and spirituality. The music of “Who Am I?” lavishes the happiness of life in harmony.

Turn on “Who Am I?” and enjoy the meditatively beautiful music by Dva Dereva and Microcosmos Records.


All tracks were written & produced by Nadya Makarova (vocals, singing bowls, percussion) & Artem Cherchynskyi (synthesizers, flutes, bass guitar)


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