EDD-989 — Double Star System

EDD-989 — Double Star System

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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Double Star System, the third album by EDD-989.

The author of EDD-989 is Eduard Korkin from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Eduard started his music career as an adherent of analog synthesizers and samplers, he was exploring his vision of sound in IDM, techno, downtempo. In 2011 he continued combining a range of music genres into his vision of cosmic ambient, and proved to be a bright chillout composer. After releasing Journey To The Core Of The Galaxy and The Return albums, Eduard assigned the status of a talented master in atmospheric chillout.

Double Star System is a brand new chapter in the music career of EDD-989. The album is full of groovy rhythms and immersive pads which are textured and tangible. The neat and clear samples intertwine into an elegant pattern of a transparent sound canvas. The sound architecture of the album is adorned with excellent vocals. The music of the album deeply touches listeners’ heartstrings and takes the mind far away to distant galaxies.

Turn on Double Star System by EDD-989 and take a pleasant journey through Space together with Microcosmos Records!


Written & Produced By ​Eduard Korkin


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey Mikhaylov

Cover design:


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