EDD-989 — The Return

EDD-989 — The Return
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Microcosmos Records announces The Return, a new album by EDD-989.

Eduard Korkin a.k.a. EDD-989 has been making electronic music in a range of styles such as psychill, IDM, techno, ambient since 2011. He has shown himself as a talented composer in the genre of “cosmic” chillout and won the love of many fans around the world after releasing Journey To The Core Of The Galaxy album on Microcosmos Records.

The airy and soft sound of The Return brings calmness and peace into the listener’s mind, the dreamy and slightly melancholic mood of the tracks soothes the soul. There are masterful synth pads building spectacular soundscapes, melodic instrumental lines which are pure and clear, enchanting vocals enriching the magnificent sound design, and soft bass getting the tracks into the whole vision. Get ready for a galactic trip to the unknown… and don’t forget to return!

Turn on The Return by EDD-989, join an immersive musical journey and come back to a new beautiful reality!


Written & Produced By ​Eduard Korkin


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

David Brokentaco

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