Grasz & Schultz — Thurayya

Grasz & Schultz — Thurayya
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Microcosmos Records presents Thurayya by Grasz & Schultz.

Despite being pretty experienced, successful solo artists, in 2019 Jule Grasz and Hans Schultz decided to create a duet Grasz & Schultz. Each musician has an independent style: Jule is good at creating floating, airy sounds, and Hans adds some groove and energy. As a result, listeners enjoy heart-catching, unique, deep sound, and their new release Thurayya is no exception.

The album is named after a star cluster the Pleiades, called Thurayya in ancient times. These are 7 stars, situated pretty close to Earth, and the tracks on the album resemble each of them. While listening, you start feeling the magic energy of Astro bodies – just let the music go deep in your conscience. Musicians describe the genre as downbeat chillout, although they tried not to confine themselves to any convention, experiment, and trust their intuition. And, of course, amazing work with a synthesizer as the major instrument makes it sound really voluminous and diverse.

Explore an exceptionally inspirational, cosmic magic of the new release Thurayya by Grasz & Schultz!


All tracks were written & produced by Grasz & Schultz (Jule Grasz & Hans Schultz)


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Jule Grasz & Hans Schultz

Cover design:

Jule Grasz & Hans Schultz

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