Jule Grasz — Far North

Jule Grasz — Far North
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Microcosmos Records is proud to present Far North by Jule Grasz (Germany).

Jule has been in love with music since her early childhood days. In the mid-90s, she started composing pop, rock, and acoustic songs, and in 2006 Jule discovered the world of electronic music. In 2008, she released her first chillout album on Blue Pie Records (Australia), which was followed by another album in cooperation with Mikle Maaß & Hanz S., as well as several techno house/techno tracks on various record labels. In 2012, Jule released her first ambient album, Earth Feelings, on Beats & Pieces Records (Israel). It was well received and reached #34 in the Beatport-Genre-Album Charts.

The music by Jule Grasz is emotional and full of elegant melodies. The tracks radiate joy and happiness, and the gripping musical dramaturgy immerses the listener into magical realms.

The album Far North evokes magnificent pictures of Northern nature through masterfully designed soundscapes. The tracks waft the fresh air of the frozen wild beauty of the North, represent majestic fjords, huge snowdrifts, and ice-cold rivers that shimmer in the flickering of the Northern Lights. The synth samples are finely balanced, the musical modes are emotionally diverse, the tracks are imbued with vivid ambient pads. The beautiful melodies elaborate smoothly through the album together with the growing bass lines, carrying you away into the realm of joy and freedom.

Turn on Far North by Jule Grasz and let the music take you on a sonic journey to the North, experience the happiness of freedom and love for our planet together with Microcosmos Records.


All tracks were written & produced by Jule Grasz


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Jule Grasz

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