Minddigger — Introspection

Minddigger — Introspection
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Microcosmos Records is pleased to present Introspection by Minddigger!

Minddigger is one of the youngest projects on the Microcosmos label. Its author, Maxim Danilin, is 19 years old, lives in Moscow, and is just starting his journey as a professional electronic musician. Introspection is the artist’s second album with an important philosophical message.

The musician addresses the multifaceted human essence, with its light and dark sides. Usually, a person’s actions and thoughts are directed into the outside world. However, when hard times come, we look inward, trying to get through the wilds to the darkest corners of our souls. This process of introspection heals and brings a person to a new level of self-awareness. Introspection is the key to the purest vibrations and guides you through the most hidden paths leading to the intact “I.”

Dive into the journey to yourself with Introspection by Minddigger!


All tracks written & Produced by Max Danilin except
10: Written & Produced by Sasha Gura
11: Written & Produced by Alexander Kuznetsov


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Nika Samarina

Cover design:

Max Danilin

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