Netsu — Homeship

Netsu — Homeship
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Microcosmos Records presents Homeship by Netsu.

Marcin Pawłowski a.k.a. Netsu from Wrocław, Poland started making electronic music in 2016. In his production, he focuses on psychedelic downtempo with strong, stompy beats and unusual rhythmic patterns.

Homeship is a conceptual album that tells the story of the infinite life of the Universe. It provides the idea of the unity of mankind, the Earth, and the Universe, inspired by Alan Watts’ remark that “we grow out of this world in exactly the same way that apples grow on an apple tree”. The tracks of the album are full of joyful synth sounds, springy percussions, and syncopated bass lines. The subtle influence of Balkan music is sensed in the splendid blend of downtempo, chillgressive, trance.

Turn on Homeship by Netsu to feel the harmony of vibrations of the Universe together with Microcosmos Records!


Tracks 1-8 written and produced by Marcin Pawłowski
Vocals on tracks 1, 5, 6 and 8 by Kasia Pawłowska

Track 9 originally written and produced by Kuba Karwacki (remix by Marcin Pawłowski)


Manifold Studio

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Marcin Pawłowski

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