Netsu — Of Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left

Netsu — Of Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Of Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left by Netsu.

Marcin ‘Netsu’ Pawłowski is a psychedelic chillout music producer and performer from Wrocław, Poland. His music is described as mysterious, dreamy, and very stompy. Marcin himself considers his work as a way that helps to unite people and to create harmony in the world through dance. His releases introduced Netsu as a talented musician with a delicate balance between melody and rhythm.

Of Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left is a downtempo album that develops the concepts of previous albums by Netsu. Its harmonious music arrangements are full of beautiful melodies. The tracks are airy, and they call to dance. The obscure sound of analog synthesizers together with pleasant voice parts bring a sense of reality here and now. It is the musician’s message about the impermanence of the world and the value of the present moment. Marcin’s artist friends were invited to work on the album, his family members also participated in the recording. In Marcin’s words, it makes the album much more heartfelt endeavor and makes the listener feel more at home in the world, more a part of everything instead of apart from everything.

Turn on Of Our Gods No Trace Will Be Left by Netsu and immerse into its warm waves together with Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by:

Marcin Pawłowski
lyrics, composition, sound design, production, mixing, cover and box design, vocals on track 5

Franek Serwa
composition and production on track 8, album consultant

Kasia Pawłowska
vocals on track 2 and 5

Magdalena Pawlica (Whatever Sounds)
vocals on track 1

Błażej Kaczmarek (Whatever Sounds)
guitars on track 2

Natalia Pawłowska
vocals on track 6

Wanda Pawłowska
vocals on track 4 and 6

Planet Caravan based on the track originally written by Black Sabbath


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Samarina Nika

Cover design:

Marcin Pawłowski

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