Ocean Stream

Ocean Stream

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Microcosmos Records is happy to announce Ocean Stream, a compilation by DJ V++.

Ocean Stream is unusual — it is compiled from experimental tracks and studio improvisation sessions by Microcosmos artists mostly known as chillout producers.

The music genres of the compilation range from drone and glitch to experimental, all of them are fused at the ambient flow of sound. The tracks of Ocean Stream form the set of distinctive stories by chillout masters combined into a music stream. Like an ocean current, it flows you through the dark and the light, whirls into dreams, leads through the forest and space landscapes. The crown jewel of the compilation is a previously unreleased track by Noraus.

Dive into the flow of creative energy by Microcosmos artists. Turn on Ocean Stream by DJ V++ and feel the infinitude of electronic music ocean.


Written & Produced by:

01: Rodion Kudryavtsev
02: Sasha Malkovich
03: Arthur Mustafin
04: Vitaly Bochkov
05: Artem Demidov, Katya Zlobina
06: Alexander Shirokov, Dmitry Bodunov
07: Max Tsibizov
08: Alexander Zhikharev
09: Georgiy Golikov


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey Mikhaylov

Cover design:


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