Samsara Inc. — Free Mind

Samsara Inc. — Free Mind
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present a new album by Samsara Inc. — Free Mind.

Rodion Kudryavtsev aka Samsara Inc. is from Khakassia. He’s been practicing music since 13 y.o., and has tried lots of genres: from jazz to mathcore. He plays numerous stringed and keyboard instruments and the bass guitar is his main. Samsara Inc. started in 2014 and has issued 6 albums so far. Music of the project is a talented mix of chill, dub, trip hop, latin, broken beat, psy. His live performances happen at many Russian festivals.

The music of the Free Mind album raises serious issues of a complicated personal way through fractal levels of life. There is nothing beyond us, and to set us free from emotional bonds we should free our mind from opinions and conceptions. Each of the ten melodies sends the listener on a journey about a new landscape in the deep moods of psychill, dub, ambient, trip hop. Each stage of the journey advances us on the knowledge way, music being the great guide.

Set off in a personal trip of the spirit with the rhythms of Free Mind presented by Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced By ​Rodion Kudryavtsev

Text by Vera Uzhva


Manifold Studio

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