Sasha Malkovich — Human Magnetism

Sasha Malkovich — Human Magnetism
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Human Magnetism by Sasha Malkovich.

Sasha Malkovich is a well-known ambient and chill-out producer. Having worked in collaboration with famous pop music projects for more than 20 years, Sasha found his creative path in composing psychedelic music. He is the creator of magnificent musical atmospheres, the immersing mood of his ambient is skillfully blended with energetic rhythms of progressive, and sunny dub lines are garnished with intense breakbeats. His two releases on Microcosmos Records led to Sasha gaining appreciation as a brilliant master in chill-out.

Human Magnetism proceeds with the style of the previous albums. It represents the composer’s reasoning about the place of a human in nature, about the philosophy of interaction between an individual and the society, as well as about solving the environmental and spiritual issues of humankind.

The vocals in the album are performed by Sasha himself. The intense pads fill the listening space with warm sunny energy, the melodies are simply pure, the percussion and the synth effects are a finely-woven music tapestry.

Turn on Human Magnetism to feel the positive vibes of top-grade chill-out by Sasha Malkovich and Microcosmos Records.


All tracks were written & produced by Sasha Malkovich
Track 10 remixed by Rodion Kudryavtsev


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