Sounds Of Gaia

Sounds Of Gaia
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Microcosmos Records is happy to announce Sounds of Gaia compilation by Sunduo.

Sunduo is a project by Anton Yanovich, a DJ from Riga, Latvia. His mixes and compilations are finely and delicately selected chillout stories, each of them has its particular concept and subtly forms the ways of emotional perception of its music.

Sounds of Gaia is a call to a magnificent journey to the sacred basics of humanity, and the source of life, the foremother of the Earth, Gaia. The meditative ambient music of the compilation reminds us that everything on Earth is connected, often unmeasurably and that we should treat everything carefully. The genres of the compilation widely range from dub and techno to ambient and new age. The tracks combine into a common concept with the sounds of ethnic instruments, vocals, and floating shamanic rhythms.

Turn on Sounds of Gaia by Sunduo and Microcosmos Records to connect with the vibes of the ancient wisdom of Mother Earth.


Written & Produced by:

01: Juan Pablo Giacovino and Jose Carlos Giacovino
02: Maciej Falkowski
03: Joaquín Rodríguez
04: Alexey Danilkin, Sasha Sokolov (guitar)
05: Konstantin Filonenko and Ksenia Filonenko
06: Wasim Raja – N
07: Innokentiy Ivanov
08: Emile Vartanian
09: Ralph K. Freund
10: Paulo Jorge Gonçalves de Oliveira

Compiled by Sunduo


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Yana Istoshina

Cover design:


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