Tetarise — Entrancing Bloom

Tetarise — Entrancing Bloom
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Meet Entrancing Bloom by Tetarise on Microcosmos Records.

The producer of Tetarise is Eugenii Dolgikh from Kursk, Russia. He has been composing electronic music in trance, progressive, chillout, psybient since 2003. Tetarise project has become well-loved among fans of psychedelic music. In 2013 it took part in A State of Mind, a popular trance music radio show. Tetarise became a resident of Microscosmos Records in 2018 and has released several successful albums and EPs.

Entrancing Bloom is a metaphoric story of a bud making its way from the ground to the Sun. The author conceptualizes the basics of sound design creatively by making brand new synth sounds on his own with a modular synthesizer. He uses his recorded samples of live percussions and guitar melodies which creates the very lively sound of the album tracks. The genres of the music are ranged from ambient, trip-hop to progressive chill, progressive trance.

Listen to Entrancing Bloom, enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere of electronic music by Tetarise and Microcosmos Records.


All tracks were written & produced by Evgenii Dolgikh
except 05: Evgenii Dolgikh & George Korotkevich


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Evgenii Dolgikh

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