Tetarise — Frozen Signals

Tetarise — Frozen Signals
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Microcosmos Records presents Frozen Signals, an album by Tetarise.

Tetarise is a project by Eugene Dolgikh (Kursk, Russia). Eugene has been making electronic music for almost 20 years, having started his path with trance music. In 2006 he was inspired and influenced by Shulman project, and he began to experiment in psy-chill and ambient. Since then, he has released 14 albums. The Tetarise project can be considered one of the adherents of the original sound of dance electronic music, which is based on uplifting/progressive trance techniques.

Frozen Signals is another gift for the fans of the good old-school sound of progressive rhythms, seasoned with a fresh exploration of music with the help of soft midi instruments, which have no limits in terms of creating new sounds. The style of Frozen Signals is psybient, psychedelic, chillgressive with a predominance of dance rhythms. Groovy basslines, clear synth arpeggios coupled with melodic minimalism sound deep and high quality. In the track “Wrapped Wibes”, Evgeny recorded guitar parts on his own and complemented the electronics with a lively rock-and-roll spirit. The music of the album brings the thoughts about the information field of the Universe, the signals sent by different civilizations in search of their kind. According to Eugene, they are “frozen” in the radio funnels of the unpredictable Cosmos.

Turn on Frozen Signals by Tetarise, feel the cold of distant galaxies that can only be reached by radio signals broken through unknown energy swirls.


All tracks were written & produced by Evgenii Dolgikh

Vocals on track 9 by Natalia Kogan and Tatiana Kogan


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Evgenii Dolgikh

Cover design:

Evgenii Dolgikh

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