VA — Peace + Love

VA — Peace + Love
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Microcosmos Records proudly presents the Peace+Love – dub and chillout vibes compilation.

This release is a collaboration of Russian music producers and bands who performed at the Peace+Love – chillout and dub music festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It contains eight exciting tracks from a diverse range of genres, including dub music, dub-techno, and glitch-hop.

The first track, Secret Path, performed by Translippers, starts with a light and gentle rhythm, with emotional and deep vocals subtly entering the scene. The steady, monotone beat shifts to a more ethnic vibe, and returns to the original punchy bassline. It ends on a lyrical note, with a bright but subtle laugh sampled in the background.

Light broken rhythms puts the listener in bright spirits right from beginning of the second track, Microcosmos by Maiia. Oldschool dub sounds merge with modern electronic influences to produce shiny waves of sound.

With its deep oriental themes, Astronaut Ape’s Siddhi in Dub is a definite crowd-pleaser. Delayed Indian sitars and tabla patterns are supported by warm syncopated beats and dubby bass, while subtle loops and effects suck the listener into a spacey, meditative vibe. This dream-like experience is made complete with Indian violin melodies.

Kayatma’s Suara combines deep Asian jungle sounds with warm synths, bass saws, punchy beats and ethnic instruments to produce an intense musical trip. Its beat is reminiscent of beatboxing, and sampled gecko screams and saxophones add to the track’s wild and tribal atmosphere.

The fifth track, Biotek, is a live performance by the band Electro Dub Company, and a must-listen for classic dub fans. Synthesized Russian vocals and psychedelic guitar riffs shift to dub bass, oldschool dubby synths and drums for the ultimate party experience.

Pure Electronical, Catastasis is a chillout track made by Red, and contains a steady beat with acid-laced basslines and cosmic synth arpeggios: a minimalistic masterpiece. The listener is placed into a mellow trance as the beat leads the song through two sections of musical bliss.

Broken rhythms, fat wobbly bass, spacy synths and powerful glitch kicks form the seventh track, Mindex’s New Life Forms (Fractal Mix), and will keep the crowd dancing into the morning.

With its straight techno beat and warm bass, Teplo’s The Buzz, the last track on this album, combines its solid base with sampled speech, looped synths to put the listener into a dreamy and relaxed state of mind.

Get lost in the music with us and enjoy these vibes of peace and love!

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