Vena Portae — Memoria

Vena Portae — Memoria
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Microcosmos Records presents Memoria, a long crafted album of Vena Portae, a band from Barnaul, Russia. Vena Portae are fusing IDM, trip-hop, ambient and glitch in their live performances and recordings.

Every track on Memoria is a sonic photo card, full of memories, true stories, voices of friends and sounds of different countries.

This music is based on field recordings converted into textures, rhythmic structures and glitches. Calm and soft bass plunges you into fat bits, deep layered ambient atmosphere and sounds of live instruments. Electro and acoustic guitars, melodica, violin, metallophones were used to touch your deep childhood emotions and make transition into dreams.

Return to your place of comfort. Remind yourself of unity with the power that created us. The power that is always with us. It’s in simple things: flow of a river, breathing sound or wind. Remember the world is huge and life is endless…


All music w&p by Artem Demidov.
Track 01: Accordion part w&p by Ekaterina Zlobina.
Track 02: Melodica part w&p by Ekaterina Zlobina.
Track 03: Melodica part w&p by Ekaterina Zlobina.
Track 04: Melodica and metallophone parts w&p by Ekaterina Zlobina.
Track 07: Violin part w&p by Daria Yurkina.
Track 09: Acoustic guitar part w&p by Ekaterina Zlobina.

Texts and vocals:
All texts and vocals by Ekaterina Zlobina.
Track 04: Text based on the novel by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio.
Track 09: Text by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (translated to English by Richard Scott).



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