Youginia — My Home

Youginia — My Home
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present My Home by Youginia.

The author of the Youginia project is Evgeniya Zubenko, a professional composer and teacher of classical music at a musical school in Saint-Petersburg. She has found her creative way of producing electronic music in a range of genres such as delicate ambient and airy lounge, as well as energetic drum-and-bass. Since 2009 Youginia has been successfully performing as a chillout artist at electronic festivals and concerts.

The music of My Home is a soft chillout based on artful arrangements and classical techniques. The smooth sound of the album brings the cozy feeling of being home and lets the listeners immerse into a dreamy mood. Graceful piano motifs are carefully framed with flowing pads and crafty rhythms, the splendor melodies of the tracks are enriched with pleasant emotions.

My Home reveals sweet memories and enhances good vibes. Comfort yourself and turn on this new album by Youginia and Microcosmos Records!

“My purring cat Ronya and I wish you love and happy mood. Enjoy the listening!” (c) Youginia


Written & Produced by Eugenia Rodzevich


Manifold Studio

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