Dara — Berezhno

Dara — Berezhno
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Microcosmos Records presents Berezhno by Dara.

Dara is a project created by Gregory Berlov (Russia), also known as an organizer of several music festivals in the art camp Meduza on the Black Sea coast.

The music of Berezhno is an excellent blend of Slavic melodies and electronic rhythms of groovy drum-n-bass, lively trip-hop, and enchanting ambient soundscapes. In his music, Gregory experiments a lot in mixing genres and in sound design production. He also created a recording studio called Hitin in which Gregory records guest vocals and ethnic music artists.

The tracks of Berezhno are made based on improvised live music sessions recorded in Bali (Indonesia) and in Meduza art camp (Abrau Peninsula, Russia), and therefore the tracks sound as if performed live. Gregory says that the album is a call to stay true to one’s roots. The music of Berezhno invites listeners to immerse into the culture of their ancestors, listen to ancient whispers, gain the wisdom of all people and tribes unity.

Turn on Berezhno by Dara and Microcosmos Records, and feel the vibe of high-energy drum-n-bass blended with native Slavic ethnical music.


Written & Produced by Gregory Berlov


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