EDD-989 — Resurgent Worlds

EDD-989 — Resurgent Worlds
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Microcosmos Records is pleased to announce the release of Resurgent Worlds, an album by EDD-989.

Resurgent Worlds is the fourth full album by Eduard Korkin, a.k.a. EDD-989, an electronic music producer from St.Petersburg, Russia.

Eduard experimented variously in electronic music genres, which led to making his first several chillout tracks in 2011, and it finally determined the main line in his music production. In 2018, Microcosmos Records released the debut album by EDD-989, which was particularly admired by fans of space chillout.

Resurgent Worlds is remarkable for its mild groovy mood, and top-notch sound design quality. The integrity of this music work merges from the skilful analog synthesis and the masterful sampling of acoustic percussions, as well as from many years of Eduard’s experience rocking club and festival dance floors. The album has a distinguished dance pulse with a playful mellow mood, involving all features of a cosmic chillout. According to Eduard, the album is to bring the reflection about the cyclicity of the Universe, about distant planets with atmospheres full of “amrita”, the elixir of life, the birth of new extraterrestrial civilizations.

Turn on Resurgent Worlds by EDD-989, follow the picturesque music canvas emiting the delight and joy of endless creativity that fills the Space.


Written & Produced by Eduard Korkin


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Sergey Mikhaylov

Cover design:


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