Alkor — Where Tomorrow Ends

Alkor — Where Tomorrow Ends
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Microcosmos Records is inspired to present you “Where Tomorrow Ends” by Alkor.

Where Tomorrow Ends is like a thought of where your limits are. After closing a chapter in your life, reaching a goal or finishing a project you wonder, what you could do next? Is there a next goal to have, something farther to reach for?

Alkor’s music is a blend of melancholy, airy mood, deep emotions and continuous flow. The atmospheric soundscapes filled with swirling pads, surreal echoes and soft warming beats. The composition leads you to great moments of bliss and enlightenment.

Relax and have some good time thinking of your destiny and place in theater of life. Keep returning to it every time you need privacy and self-reflection. Keep finding positive revelations and the world will open up to you!


All tracks were written & produced by Adam Dziuba


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Adam Dziuba

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