Six Dead Bulgarians — Contact in the Field of Attention

Six Dead Bulgarians — Contact in the Field of Attention
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Microcosmos Records is proud to release an album by the legendary experimental band Six Dead Bulgarians.

Founded in 1994, the band brings the finest blend of analog synths, acoustic instruments, ethnic singing, and atmospheric beats. 6DB music is influenced by local folk legacy, psychedelic experience, vast and cold natural landscapes, and drone music.

“Contact in The Field of Attention” takes us on a journey into the basic feelings of our inner world. Random field recordings come structured to melodies. Ethnic vocals and didgeridoo beats occasionally appear for a few minutes and dissolve into the soothing mix of noises, flute chords, throat singing and warm pads. Tracks transform over time, though the listener perceives the album as a single piece of music.


Six Dead Bulgarians:

Alla Megaoma — vocals
Michael Carlos — flutes, didgeridoo, percussion, taishogoto, santur, bass guitar
Peter Abysov — analog synthesizers
Sergey Zhigaltsov — analog synthesizers
Fyodor Bagretsov — guitars
Alexander Chulkov — recording, arrangement, mixing, premastering

Drums, ud — Argishty
Vocals recording — Igor Potsukailo


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Veronica Vorobieva

Cover design:


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