Cubering — Mirage

Cubering — Mirage
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Microcosmos Records proudly presents Mirage by Cubering.

Cubering is an alias of Sergey Akimov, a composer and producer from Moscow, Russia. He has been signed on Microcosmos Records since 2015, with many releases on various record labels around the globe in his background. After releasing Soma and 22:22 albums Cubering gained recognition as a master of ambient and chillout. His music delivers conscious and delicate sound design featuring tedious work and musical experience.

Mirage is a piece of music craftwork in synth sequences framed within airy pads and curvy rhythms. It induces deep emotional experience, fills the surrounding space with light visions, brings the beautiful mirages of life. The tracks of the album combine into a delicate mixture of downtempo, ambient, chillout, techno.

Turn on Mirage by Cubering and immerse into soft atmospheric soundscapes. See the vibrating mirage of a dream gradually shaping into a beautiful reality.


Written & Produced by Sergey Akimov


Manifold Studio

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Manitou Studio

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