Beyond Horizons

Beyond Horizons
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Microcosmos Records proudly presents its most ambitious project to date.

Dive into a sonic journey with Beyond Horizons, the ultimate psychedelic chill-out compilation from Sunduo.

Beyond Horizons features an impressive international lineup of guest artists: Baba Gnohm, Blue Lunar Monkey, Unknown Reality, E-Mantra, State Azure, and Siebzehn. The compilation also includes label regulars Grasz & Schultz, Tetarise, Minddigger, Samo Zoko, Stratusphere, Sacred Seeds, Kiphi, Síntese, Sounds of Snow, and Subdream, most of whom have recently released their albums at Microcosmos. And new welcomed names for the label – Andrew Odd, Art I Am, AYO, Elkin Sergey, and Ioon Cosmic Downtempo.

With 21 tracks of beautiful, captivating chill-out music, this album is an exploration of modern psychill soundscapes. Listeners will be taken on a sonic journey, starting with blissful ambient tracks and going on to uplifting progressive beats, deep bass hymns, groovy jazzy tunes, and glitchy yet melodically sublime compositions. This album is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the very latest in psychill music.

Take a break and listen to what is Beyond Horizons.


Written & Produced by:

01: Andrew Odd
02: Evgenii Dolgikh
03: Jonny Galluccio
04: Jule Grasz, Hans Schultz
05: Kalle G. H. Christensen, Zoran Živković
06: Jacob Paskus
07: Michael Schubert
08: Thomas Snow
09: Daniel Gradilla Flores
10: Maxim Danilin
11: Ralph K. Freund
12: Emanuel Carpus
13: State Azure
14: Christian Mueller
15: Juan Pablo Giacovino, Jose Carlos Giacovino
16: Wasim Raja
17: Artjom Kostjuk
18: Elkin Sergey
19: Zoran Živković
20: Paulo Oliveira
21: Julie Schønherr Rosengreen


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Nika Samarina

Cover design:


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