Sasha Malkovich — The Forest

Sasha Malkovich — The Forest
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Microcosmos Records is happy to announce The Forest, the fourth full album by Sasha Malkovich.

Being a romantic and a dreamer, Sasha Malkovich delights his listeners with beautiful musical sketches of a fabulous festival forest. Each track in the album is a festival participant’s complete story revealing their personality and describing their adventure.

The Forest is full of gentle ambient music and splendid dance tracks that combine African mood, psybass and house rhythms. Soulful vocals and expressive parts of noise music delicately lead the listener along the dreamlike paths of a magical forest filling the soul with peace and calm. Specifically for The Forest, Sasha recorded guitar parts, Japanese flute shakuhachi, vocals, and Magic Control, an electronic instrument he had designed himself.

The Forest is a special gift to all fans of top-notch electronic music with its profound and meticulous sound design. Enjoy the wonderful music of The Forest by Sasha Malkovich and Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by Sasha Malkovich


(06), (07): Sasha Malkovich featuring Kate Barsky
(10): Sasha Malkovich featuring Zagadka
(11): Sasha Malkovich featuring KaMMchatka
(15): Sasha Malkovich featuring Kate Barsky, remixed by Lordas
(16): Sasha Malkovich, remixed by Rudy Lenz

Track 05 inspired by Kate B
Track 09 inspired by Tasha K
Track 12 inspired by Ann T


Sasha Malkovich

Cover artwork:

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Cover design:

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