Neuroq — Catharsis

Neuroq — Catharsis

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Microcosmos Records is happy to present a new album “Catharsis” by Neuroq, the project by a composer and producer Igor Mirgorodskiy from Russia.

In his music Neuroq masterly fuses firm rhymes of progressive into relaxing chillout tracks and involves enchanting downtempo melodies into cosmic deep ambient.

The tracks of “Catharsis” embrace with their soft sonic vibes and invite to a smooth journey to the depths of the inner world. Gentle and feeling melodies leading through the subtle line between external and internal give a new emotional music experience of connecting to supreme harmony.

Turn on “Catharsis” by Neuroq and take a deep sound dive together with Microcosmos Records!


All tracks were written & produced by Igor Mirgorodsky


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Yana Istoshina, Art For Mind

Cover design:

Shamil Karim

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