Vena Portae — The Balance

Vena Portae — The Balance

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Microcosmos Records is happy to present a new album The Balance by Vena Portae.

Vena Portae is the project of Artem Demidov and Katya Zlobina, musicians and sound shamans from Altai, Russia. Artem and Katya use natural and synthesized, acoustic and electronic sounds in their music, which is a mixture of different styles: ambient, downtempo, glitch, IDM, soundscapes, trip-hop, ethnic.

There are 5 drone-ambient tracks in the album, which form a single sound canvas. When recording, musicians used electronic synthesized sounds and many acoustic instruments. The Balance contains harp, percussion and noise instruments from Bali, Altai, Australia and 7 quartz singing bowls.

Musical plans imperceptibly replace each other and smoothly transfer the listener, then to the silent ancient mountains of Altai, then to the depths of the Milky Way, then to the shaman’s fire burning in the midst of the chaparral thickets.

Turn on The Balance, take this mystical journey together with Vena Portae and Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by Artem Demidov & Katya Zlobina
Vocals by Katya Zlobina


Vena Portae

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Katya Zlobina

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