Aedem — Aquarelle

Aedem — Aquarelle

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Microcosmos Records presents the Aquarelle EP from Aedem, a famous producer from Saint Petersburg.

Konstantin Terentev has been working with electronic music since 2004 mixing in his tracks psychedelic trance, chillout, ambient, techno and bass genres. Now Aedem project is more devoted to the experimental and ambient sides of electronic music. Microcosmos Records has already released three Aedem’s albums and several projects of his collaboration with other artists.

In the Aquarelle Konstantin has decided to go beyond his traditional 90 BPM and composed music for slow but dynamic movements of the body and the soul. The music of the album, where bass waves, downtempo rhythms, exotic tunes, sensual instrumental and something deeply mystical is interwoven, sends the listener to a philosophic journey beyond the fuss and banality of the world. One would like to listen to this music very attentively immersing into these twilight mysteries level by level.

We are inviting you to a deep-going journey with the bass rhythms of the Aquarelle from Aedem and Microcosmos Records.


All tracks were written & produced by Konstantin Terentev



Cover artwork:

Maria Terentev

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