Stratusphere — Beyond The Darkness

Stratusphere — Beyond The Darkness
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We are happy to present Beyond The Darkness by Stratusphere.

Stratusphere project was created in 2012 by Jacob Paskus, a sound producer from the USA. His music aims to raise the vibration of the listener through doorways and walls of sound, earthy tones, grounding beats, and deep bass. Striving to share emotion and healing energy through sound, Stratusphere takes the listener on a splendid journey deep beyond this three-dimensional world into the depths of the inner microcosmos.

Beyond The Darkness is the third album of the project. This work is a reflection on a human being going through the cyclic nature of life to spiritual transformation. The descent into the valley is followed by the ascent to the top, the sunset is followed by the sunrise, and thus, after numerous rebirths, ups and downs into the abyss, the soul finds its home and its peace.

The genres of the album are downtempo, ambient, psychill. The soft percussions and the beautiful panoramic soundscapes, the airy melodies form a complete masterly music story. The production of the album included both software and analog synthesizers, as well as live guitar samples. The album sound is clear and pure, it brings bring positive emotions and happy thoughts.

Enjoy the flow of atmospheric music of the album by Stratusphere and Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by Jacob Paskus


Shawn Hatfield at AudibleOddities

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Sergey Mikhaylov

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