Pasha Aeon — Banyan Om Space Remixes

Pasha Aeon — Banyan Om Space Remixes
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Microcosmos Records is happy to present Banyan Om Space, an EP by Pasha Aeon.

Pasha Aeon is a musician from St.Petersburg, Russia, well-known for his Three Pandas and the Moon project, as well as many other collaboration works with electronic and ethnic artists.

Being an skilful multi-instrumentalist, Pasha has ten years of experience in playing the hang, a musical instrument that has a smooth and soulful space sound. Pasha Aeon’s music improvisation is featured with his ability to make the listeners immerse into a music trance state, to let their minds go wander outer space.

Banyan Om Space EP contains a hang improvisation track by Pasha, featuring remixes of that by his friends composers of electronic music in the genres listed: bass, progressive chill, chill rave. The final track of the EP is a beautiful acoustic collaboration of Pasha Aeon and Wooden Rifle, a didgeridoo project from St.Petersburg.

Turn on “Banyan Om Space” by Pasha Aeon to enjoy the splendid blend of acoustic and electronic melodies. Join the musical journey to the vast outer space together with Microcosmos Records!


Original track (01) written & produced by Pasha Aeon

Remixed & Produced by:

(02): WooDMooD
(03): Eelison
(04): Andrew Shartner
(05): dj shaman & M. Carlos (voice by PLUTAYA)
(06): Sergey Ladan & Ksenia Shipova
(07): Wooden Rifle


Overdream Studio

Cover artwork:

Pasha Aeon

Cover design:

Pasha Aeon

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