Sasha Malkovich — Practical Levitation

Sasha Malkovich — Practical Levitation
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Microcosmos Records is proud to present the debut album by Sasha Malkovich called Practical Levitation.

Sasha Malkovich is an experienced electronic music producer. Having worked in collaboration with famous pop music projects for more than 20 years, Sasha found his own creative path in composing psychedelic chill out. He is the creator of magnificent musical atmospheres where the immersing mood of cosmic ambient is skillfully blended with energetic rhythms of progressive, and sunny dub lines are garnished with intense breakbeats. Nowadays Sasha enjoys performing his music live at parties around the globe, inspiring the listeners to expand their creative boundaries. The air of live session is gently brought to the sound of the new album.

Practical Levitation takes us on a smooth musical journey floating through the warm air of summer, filled with joy and happiness. From rhythmic ethnical percussion blending with soft synth pads, deep warm bass melting into brilliant music arrangements, the album paints new grounds and gives the real soothing pleasure of a slow dive in senses for the listener.

Listen to Practical Levitation album and join the emotive hovering experience to immerse in a meditative state of love and joy.


All tracks were written & produced by Sasha Malkovich


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Synergia (Natalya Arustamova)

Cover design:

Shamil Karim

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