Six Dead Bulgarians — Life Outside Dali

Six Dead Bulgarians — Life Outside Dali
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Microcosmos Records is happy to announce Life Outside Dali, an album by the legendary electronic project Six Dead Bulgarians.

The project was created in 1995 in Arkhangelsk, Russia by Alexey Chulkov and Anton Kovalev. It originally was a noise project that brought together artists who created electronic-acoustic avant-garde music. For now, the producer of the project is Alexander Chulkov, Alexey’s brother. During its almost 30-year history, Six Dead Bulgarians has released twenty albums ranging from industrial noise and drone to chillout and Slavic folklore.

Life Outside Dali perfectly combines glitch samples, analog synth drones, acoustic instrumental improvisations, shamanic rhythms, and Russian folk songs into a solid steady sound flow. The music of the album takes the listener on a magical journey through subconscious. It is an invitation to trace the roots of Slavic culture origins and feel the connection to distant ancestors.

Turn on Life Outside Dali and dive into the enchanting universe of noise music, enjoy the soundscapes of analog synthesizers and the beauty of Russian folk songs, join a trancey shamanic dance to the music by the legend of Russian electronic stage, Six Dead Bulgarians, and Microcosmos Records.


Written & Produced by:

Alexander Chulkov — analog synthesizers;
Alla Megaoma Ryzhenkova — vocals;
Peter Abysov, Sergey Zhigaltsov, Aleksey Borisov — analog synthesizers;
Michael Karlos Kuvikov — percussions, flute, analog synthesizers;
Fedor Bagretsov — guitar.


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