Space Love

Space Love

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Space Love is a chillout compilation of music and cosmic vibrations by Lubov Prometheya.

Сarefully selected eleven tunes will take listeners on a journey full of emotional ambient, magic psychill and groovy downtempo.

Every track makes galactic landscapes visible and twists the universe into the vortex dance.

Listen to this music, immerse yourself into the energetic state of mind and feel the unity with the world!


Tracks were written & Produced by:
01: Helga Kristinsson (remix by Armen Akopov)
02: Oleg Belousov
03: Konstantin Terentev
04: Eugenia Rodzevich
05: John Panagoulias
06: Gabriel Strecker
07: Oleg Belousov (remix by Sergey Akimov)
08: Alexey Baranov
09: Edward Korkin
10: Vitaly Bochkov
11: Sergey Akimov, Alex Esin

Compiled by DJ Prometheya


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Simon Haiduk

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