Doozer — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 033

Doozer — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 033

Doozer (also known as Zahadoom, real name is Maxim Dunaev) – DJ from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

He calls himself “Experienced World Entropy Witness” just for fun.
In his life, Maxim strangely combines DJing and being both teacher and Doctor of Philosophy.

Doozer performing since 1999, playing on many local trance festivals across the Russia.

His music mixes are full of chill-out rhythms, ambient soundscapes, mystical ritual sounds and complex deep bass.

01. Thomas P. Heckman – The Sound of Colour
02. Man Of No Ego – Shadow Of Breath
03. Dimmat – Aztec Trip
04. Suns Of Arqa – Mother Tongue
05. Blue Lunar Monkey – ओंकार oṃkāra
06. Nibana – Uchuu
07. Wagawaga – Pitjantjatjara Dub
08. Spundose – Cymatic Revelation
09. Enuui – Nāginī (Zen Baboon Remix)
10. Hinkstep – Second Sight
11. Man Of No Ego – Tara

Podcast mastering – Peakmastering Studio

Cover – Tom Coppen


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