Vena Portae — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 056

Vena Portae — Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 056

Vena Portae is a Russian electro-acoustic band from Altay. Two members of the group — Artem Demidov and Katya Zlobina use in their music natural and synthesized, acoustic and electronic sounds. Their music is a mixture of different styles: ambient, downtempo, glitch, IDM, soundscapes, trip-hop, ethnic.

Vena Portae travels a lot and derives inspiration from wild nature of Altay mountains and fields. They record different sounds which they use in their music.

On their records and live concerts you always hear acoustic and electronic instruments: electric guitar, termenvox, Native American flutes, ethnic percussion and noise instruments, blow organ etc

Katya’s voice takes an important part in the music of Vena Portae. It can be mystical and scary, melodious and sweet, always unpredictable and memorable.


01. Breathing Of A Rain Forest
02. Resonance
03. Wolwes’ Dreams
04. Deep Into the Sea
05. The Balance (Mountains)
06. From Edge To Edge
07. Lullaby (Last Dream Before Awakening)
08. The Balance (Night)

Mastered by Manifold Studio

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