Germind – Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 019

Germind – Microcosmos Chillout & Ambient Podcast 019

Germind is a Michael Gluknov, experienced musician from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

During his life, Michael had the opportunity to live in different cities of Germany, Latvia, Estonia, and then Russia. His travel experience from 1996 inspire him to start making a music.

Since then, Germind released 3 albums on Cosmicleaf Records, and two albums on Plexus Music.

Germind’s sound is always gentle and deep, that puts listener into relaxed state of mind, like after watching a stars for hour long.

Recorded live at Big Space Trip festival 13/12/2014

01. Germind – Freediving
02. Germind – Optical phenomenon
03. Germind – In the dawn of time
04. Germind – Birth outside the body
05. Germind – Time consciousness
06. Germind – The wisdom of generations
07. Germind – Secret signs
08. Germind – Swirl of reflections
09. Germind – Pairing of opposites
10. Germind – Funnel mind
11. Germind – Texture sunrise
12. Germind – Presentiment of life
14. Germind – Flight To The Center Of The Galaxy
15. Germind – WD

Mastering by Peakmastering Studio

Cover by Steve Black


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