VA — Cahaya Dari Jiva

VA — Cahaya Dari Jiva
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Microcosmos Records presents Cahaya Dari Jiva — a unique compilation of psychill and downtempo tracks by artists from all around the world, selected by label’s resident Oleg Belousov aka Astronaut Ape. The idea of this compilation came on Bali Island, on the slope of the volcano. Let the music make your mood, your universe and yourself brighter!

Everyone has a light inside.

The light which moves us forward. Which enlivens us.
The light thanks to which we are alive. Thanks to which we know that we exist.
That light which like a spotlight snatches that sides of the whole universe which are valuable for us.
If we trust this light, it will guide us, illuminating our path.
This light will never lie. It can’t be switched off or drowned.

Cahaya Dari Jiva. The light from inside of the soul.

Sometimes it happens that the light begins to sound. And the sound begins to resonate with the light inside you, igniting it even brighter. A few musicians can create such a sound.


Compiled by Oleg Belousov


Syncmasters Studio

Cover artwork:

Oleg Belousov

Cover design:


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