Kayatma — ONA part 2

Kayatma — ONA part 2
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ONA is a story about the most wonderful being of the world, about a woman. Its second volume takes us to a journey through hidden areas of the feminine nature. This nature is highly unpredictable and is usually not so romantic. From endless melancholy to hi-tech humor, from spiritual mysticism to freaky folk festivals. But without meeting its shadows you will never know the true nature of the Woman, that one who unites and shelters all of us.


Clara Alma (1)
Katya Lo (2)
Elizaveta Soloveva (3)
Julia Loshkaryova (4, 6)
Alexandra Odintseva (6)
Anastasia Dmitrieva (6)
Snezhana Suevalova (8)
Daniil Korolev (7)

Eugene Fed – cello (1, 2)
Avi Adir – flute, bouzouki, harmonica (3, 4)
Prokhor Karpenko – pimak (5)
Daniil Korolev – flute (8)

Recording and mixing – Konstantin Kayatma (as well as synthesizers, piano, guitar, ngoni, etc.)


Manifold Studio

Cover artwork:

Kseniya Mikhailova

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